President Dr Mohamed Waheed has met with the Minister of External Affairs of India, Mr S.M. Krishna this morning.

The Indian external affairs minister extended a very warm welcome to the President, and congratulated him on assumption of the higher office, as the President of the Maldives. Indian external affairs minister stated that India was very happy that President Waheed has announced to hold an early election as scheduled. Minister Krishna also stated that India was very glad to know the endorsement by the parliament on the cabinet, as it proves the legitimacy of the government.

President Waheed briefed the Indian minister on the current political and economical situation of the Maldives. The President also briefed the minister on the work of the National Inquiry Commission.

Indian minister said that India was very satisfied by the current policies implemented by the government of Maldives in dealing with its political situation. Minister Krishna said that India would always support and assist Maldives in its process for democracy, and also reassured India’s cooperation and assistance in the development activities of the Maldives.