The Cabinet

Mohamed Ghassan Maumoon
Minister of Defence
Moosa Zameer
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Ali Ihusaan
Minister of Homeland Security and Technology
Dr Mohamed Shafeeq
Minister of Finance
Dr Ismail Shafeeu
Minister of Education
Dr Abdulla Khaleel
Minister of Health
Mohamed Saeed
Minister of Economic Development and Trade
Ahmed Shiyam
Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Resources
Uz Ahmed Usham
Attorney General
Dr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed
Minister of Islamic Affairs
Ibrahim Faisal
Minister of Tourism
Dr Aishath Shiham
Minister of Social and Family Development
Abdulla Rafiu
Minister of Sports, Fitness and Recreation
Thoriq Ibrahim
Minister of Climate Change, Environment and Energy
Dr Ali Haidar Ahmed
Minister of Housing, Land and Urban Development
Mohamed Ameen
Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation
Adam Naseer Ibrahim
Minister of Dhivehi Language, Culture and Heritage
Dr Maryam Mariya
Minister of Higher Education, Labour and Skills Development
Dr Abdulla Muththalib
Minister of Construction and Infrastructure
Dr Aishath Rameela
Minister of Agriculture and Animal Welfare
Ibrahim Waheed
Minister of Youth Empowerment, Information and Arts
Adam Shareef Umar
Minister of Cities, Local Government and Public Works