President Dr Mohamed Waheed has appointed Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed as the Minister of Home Affairs, and Mohamed Nazim as the Minister of Defence and National Security, at a ceremony held at the President’s Office this evening.

Speaking after the presentation of the Letter of Appointment, President Waheed asked the ministers to employ their experiences to resolve the current situation of the country. He also noted that their foremost duty should be to implement justice according to the constitution, and to treat every citizen equally.

Prior to the presentation of the Letter of Appointment, Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed and Mohamed Nazim took their oath of office, before the Supreme Court Judge Abdulla Areef.

Dr Mohamed Jameel had previously held the post of Minister of Justice during President Maumoon’s administration and the post of Minister of Civil Aviation and Communication during President Nasheed’s administration.

Mohamed Nazim has previously served the positions of Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, and Captain at the National Security Service, and as Major, Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel at the Maldives National Defence Force.