Board Member of Torture Victims Association (TVA), Ms Aminath Najeeb called for justice for past human rights abuses in prisons. She made this appeal during a meeting with President Nasheed this afternoon, to present to him information that the association had gathered on alleged torture cases in Maldives prisons.

The Torture Victims Association is an NGO founded with the aim to find justice for torture victims, and to ensure that torture does not happen in the Maldives.

Speaking at the meeting, Ms Najeeb told the President that TVA had interviewed 100 ‘torture victims’ who had shared their experience with TVA. She also said that the association was working to find justice for those people. In this regard, she said, TVA has already submitted 25 cases to the Maldives Human Rights Commission. She said, more cases would be submitted to HRCM in the near future.

President Nasheed congratulated the Torture Victims Association and said the people of the country would appreciate the association’s work.

He said while torture by the previous government is well known, redress for injustices has not been found because of the justice system and some other institutions.

The President also assured that he would do everything possible to find justice for the torture victims through the powers vested on him by the Constitution