President Dr Mohamed Muizzu met with members of the GDh. Faresmaathoda Council and Women’s Development Committee (WDC) today at the Secretariat of Faresmaathoda Council.

Speaking at the meeting, the Council relayed several pertinent issues affecting the island. These included a shortage of available port space, housing concerns, the need to construct housing units in reclaimed areas, the halted construction of a football field, the necessity of building high-quality roads, the importance of a spacious Friday mosque, and difficulties in waste management. They also discussed other significant economic developments on the island.

During the meeting, the WDC highlighted that the island is home to several people with chronic diseases, and members emphasised the importance of a specialist doctor and accessibility to take medical tests on the island.

President Dr Muizzu addressed the issues raised by the council and assured them that the Administration would thoroughly examine them and take appropriate measures to resolve them. After the meeting, the President gifted the Council members a copy of the book ‘Dhivehige Raajje', which contains speeches made by the President during the Presidential Election campaign.