President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said that as the world recovers from the Covid-19 menace, we must all, collectively resolve to make sure that such a catastrophe is not repeated again. The President said this in his general debate statement at the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York City, today.

Delineating on how the consequences of Covid-19 had been the same, from small island nations to the powers spanning continents, President Solih stated that it had laid bare, in the starkest of terms that in today’s world, we are bound together. He stressed the importance of working together, in solidarity and unity, to achieve our ambitions together.

President Solih detailed the Maldives' experience with the Covid-19 pandemic, outlining the measures taken by the government to control the virus and the catastrophic socioeconomic outcomes faced due to having to shut down our borders. He also revealed how the Maldives successfully managed the pandemic by determinedly following the instructions set by healthcare professionals. He spoke extensively on the paramount importance of vaccine equity during this time, affirming that vaccines are the key, and vaccinating the world as soon as possible is the way to overcome Covid-19. He added that while managing the virus is one aspect of recovery from Covid-19, equally important is the task of rebuilding the economy, restoring livelihoods and a return to normal life.

The President announced that the Maldives had already vaccinated 95% of all school children and 85% of all residents in the Maldives. Schools had resumed, businesses had restarted and the Maldives' borders had been reopened, opening the doors to tourist resorts. He reiterated that the Maldives is ready to welcome the world.