Vice President Faisal Naseem has met Dhidhdhoo Island Council of Haa Alifu Atoll. The meeting was held at the Secretariat of Dhidhdhoo Island Council, as part of his two-day visit to some islands of Haa Alifu and Haa Dhaalu Atolls.

At the meeting, the Vice President inquired about the developmental plans for the island initiated by the council and discussed pertinent issues to the residents of the island. Some of the concerns raised by the Councillors include delays in the road development project, which were leading to flooding during the rainy season. They also discussed challenges in proper waste management and raised issues faced by the council due to space constraints.

Speaking at the meeting, the Vice President highlighted the Administration’s efforts at crime prevention and said that it accorded high priority to rehabilitating offenders. He also shared the latest updates of some of the developmental plans for the island.

The Vice President said that the Administration would work with relevant stakeholders to address the issues raised by the Councillors. After the meeting, the Vice President spent time with some persons with special needs and inquired about their wellbeing.

Earlier today, the Vice President visited Molhadhoo Island and inaugurated the harbour development project of the island.