Vice President Faisal Naseem has this morning met with the members of the Huraa Island Council.

At a meeting held at the President’s Office, members of the council shared their concerns and future development projects with the President.

During the meeting, the Councilors noted the challenges being faced due to the shortage of space in school building and harbour. They also highlighted difficulties faced due to lack of banking services on the Island. 

Speaking at the meeting, Vice President Naseem highlighted the activities that could be undertaken by the councils for the socioeconomic progress of the island communities. The Vice President also asked the council members to reinforce their activities held jointly with the schools to ensure the further strengthening of the school system. Moreover, Vice President urged the council members to always put forth public safety, and called upon the council members to ensure all safety measures are put in place. 

The Vice President further advised the Councilors to organise more awareness campaigns related to preventative health measures. He also asked the council member to discuss with the line ministries and tackles these problems. Futher, he gave reassurance of the administration’s continuous support to resolving the issues faced by the people.