• The President’s Office and CSTI hold the eleventh session of the "Executive Enhancement and Enrichment Programme"
The Public Service Training Unit of the President’s Office and the Civil Service Training Institute (CSTI), held the eleventh session of the "Executive Enhancement and Enrichment Programme (EEEP) 2021-2023" on 15th March 2023.
This session titled “Leadership and growth mindset” was conducted at the Business School of the Maldives National University (MNU). The session was facilitated by Mr. Iyaz Waheed, expert speaker, President of the Universal Foundation and the President at the Maldives Speakers. His lecture highlighted the attributes of a growth mindset and the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset, describing the value of building a growth mindset to achieve personal development goals and the benefits of promoting and developing a growth mindset in the workplace.
Several executive-level officials and political appointees from government offices, independent institutions and state-owned enterprises attended this session.
Executive Enhancement and Enrichment Programme (EEEP) 2021-2023 was officially launched on December 27, 2021, by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to improve the skills and capabilities of political and executive-level staff in public offices. Local and international experts in relevant fields facilitates the two-year training programme.