Praising the role of private higher education colleges in the Maldives, Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has said private colleges play an important role in the higher education system of the country.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of Clique College, a private higher education institution, the Vice President said, as the Maldives did not have the facilities to provide higher education for all school leavers, private colleges were making a significant contribution to the education sector of the country.

Noting that one if five youth below the age of 30 in the country were unemployed, he said it was necessary to provide training and education to both school leavers and dropouts to enable them to join the workforce.

He further highlighted the importance of providing employment opportunities for Maldivian youth in order to solve most of its prevailing social illnesses.

The Vice President said the time has come to rethink the role of youth in the country’s future to make the best use of the youth of the country, and their future should be shaped to realize the country’s vision for its future.

In addition, the Vice President noted the role of education in the process of consolidating democracy.

He said democracy could not be entrenched in the society without teaching democratic values through the education system.

The Vice President gave away awards and prizes to high achievers of different programmes conducted in Clique College last year.