President Dr Muizzu met with Dhiyamigili Island’s Council and the Women's Development Committee. The meeting was held at the Secretariat of the Dhiyamigili Council today.

During the meeting, council members elaborated on the island's requirements and challenges encountered by residents and underscored the necessary developmental areas in Dhiyamigili Island.
They emphasised the need to connect with Madifushi via a causeway, connecting both Dhiyamigili and Medhufushi by land reclamation. They additionally discussed incorporating Mathidhoo into the Council’s jurisdiction, establishing an MNDF post, installing an ATM, and extending the Health Centre.

The council members addressed the difficulties faced by residents due to incomplete projects and inadequate spaces in the Secretariat of the Dhiyamigili council. The Women's Development Committee of the island also shared their concerns with the President. They emphasised budgetary constraints.

President Dr Muizzu assured the council members that he would work towards efficiently resolving their issues after consulting with relevant authorities. He promised to hasten projects like the construction of roads on the island.

Dhiyamigili Island is the second destination of the President's three-day visit to Kolhumadulu Atoll, accompanied by a delegation of high-level Government officials.