President Dr Mohamed Muizzu reiterated the Government's commitment to not seeking politically motivated revenge. He made the remarks during his Presidential Address at the inaugural session of the People’s Majlis this year. This was President Dr Muizzu’s first Presidential Address in Parliament since his inception as President.

No politically motivated convictions

In today’s Presidential Address, the President emphasised that punishing people based on their political beliefs is against his Administration’s values, reiterating his commitment to upholding the rule of law. He additionally pledged that he would not interfere with the judiciary and would take immediate action if any Government Official was found exerting such influence.

Rehabilitating offenders and modernising the prison system

President Dr Muizzu highlighted the Government's focal policy to reduce crime and detailed plans to modernise the prison system to provide inmates with a compassionate environment for rehabilitation. He reaffirmed his commitment to end de facto arrest, which includes indefinite detention for various offences. He additionally stated that amendments to the law would be introduced during the upcoming Parliamentary session.

Integrating Islamic values

The President emphasised the significance of upholding the noble principles of Islam and promoting good morals and behaviour in society. He underlined the re-establishment of the National Council on Mosques, revealing that the Government tripled its expenditure on the maintenance and repair of mosques and announced the imminent construction of six new mosques. He additionally unveiled plans to introduce PHD-level training for imams.

The President also stated that the Government intends to provide 1000 Hajj slots for underprivileged people, adding that 50 people will be able to undertake Hajj this year at the Government's expense. President Dr Muizzu also highlighted the establishment of the Maldives Zakat House as a separate office to prioritise Zakat.

President Dr Muizzu highlighted the Government’s decision to declare the concluding ten days of Ramadan as public holidays to encourage active participation and prioritisation of Islamic practices. He additionally noted the Government’s plans to celebrate Eid al-Fitr and other Islamic and national holidays with fervour and unity.