The Cabinet has decided to hold Asia’s first Beach and Water sports tournament in the Maldives. The tournament is planned to be held in 2010.

The cabinet made this decision after discussing a paper proposed by the Ministry of Human Recourses, Youth and Sports.

The members of the cabinet noted that hosting this event would be an opportunity for the Maldives to promote its tourism as well as to promote sports tourism in the Maldives.
A committee was also appointed to organise the tournament. The committee would include State Ministers at the Ministry of Human Resources, Youth and Sports; Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture; Ministry of Defence and National Security; Ministry of Home Affairs; Ministry of Finance and Treasury; and, Ministry of Economic Development.

At today’s cabinet meeting, the members also discussed the issue of the proposed bill to the People’s Majlis on the amendment of the Defence Force Act.

Following the unanimous agreement of the Advisory Council, which was formed under Article 14 (a) of the Defence Force Act, that the proposed amendment to the Defence Force Act and the proposed addition to Article 31 of the Act would impose undue political influence on the members of the Maldives National Defence Force, the Cabinet decided the issue to be deliberated by the National Security Council.

The Advisory Council, which was formed under the Defence Force Act to advise the Minister of Defence and Chief of Defence Force on administrative and operational matters, held a special meeting on 8 June to discuss the matter.