First Lady Fazna Ahmed visited the North Maalhosmadulu Atoll Angolhitheemu School late this afternoon, taking a tour of the premises and meeting with the faculty.

First Lady Fazna expressed her gratitude for their dedication throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, which included continuing to teach using innovative ways. She also mentioned how crucial it is to have a pleasant working environment and to work efficiently.

Senior administrators of the school discussed their concerns and needs at the meeting. They stated that they require some infrastructure and other resources in order to provide the best education possible. The Angolhitheemu School currently has 99 students enrolled in grades one through ten.

She donated two books to the school library during her visit, one on bullying prevention and one on sexual violence awareness. She emphasised that protecting children is the top priority and that it is everyone's obligation to protect society from negative influences.

Following the visit to the school, the President and First Lady proceeded to the Angolhitheemu Health Centre to inquire about the requirements and concerns of the management to provide the best possible medical services.

Angolhitheemu Island is the eighth destination of the President and First Lady’s ongoing three-day trip to North Miladhunmadulu Atoll and North Maalhosmadulu Atoll. Cabinet ministers, senior executives from the President’s Office and a delegation of high-level government officials accompany the President and First Lady on this trip.