Vice President Faisal Naseem met with the senior management of Addu Equatorial Hospital (AEH) this morning where he reaffirmed the Government's pledge to provide dignified lives for all citizens, by ameliorating difficulties faced by the public. The meeting was held as part of the Vice President's one-day trip to Seenu and Gnaviyani Atoll.

Speaking during the meeting, he reiterated the Government's goal of establishing an efficient and decentralised healthcare system. The Vice President stated that it is imperative to  ensure that quality healthcare is easily available for all citizens living in all regions of the Maldives.  He praised the State Trading Organization's (STO's) efforts to ensure that medical supplies and treatment are available nationwide. 

Continuing, the Vice President acknowledged some of the obstacles hindering maximum efficiency at AEH and stated that the Government is actively seeking solutions for these issues. He urged them to include and prioritise treatments and services for persons with special needs as upgrades continue at the hospital. Vice President Faisal Naseem also highlighted the performance of AEH healthcare staff on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic and expressed his sincere gratitude for their services to the Nation. 

Members of AEH senior management also spoke during the meeting, sharing their concerns with the Vice President. They noted the difficulties in sourcing human resources and voiced concerns that the hospital premises may not have the capacity to provide services to all citizens in the region in the long run. Further, they shared their ideas relevant to improving the hospital's administration and overall performance. 

Vice President Faisal Naseem was joined at the meeting by the Minister of Gender, Family and Social Services, Aishath Mohamed Didi, the Minister of Finance, Ibrahim Ameer, the Minister of Health, Ahmed Naseem and the Minister at the President's Office, Ali Shiyam. The Mayor of Addu City, Abdullah Sodiq, and senior government officials, as well as officials from AEH, also attended the meeting.