President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih discussed the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa, over the telephone this morning. The two leaders appraised each other on the impacts of this global crisis on their respective countries, and the precautionary measures that have been implemented to contain the virus’ spread.

Discussing the unprecedented challenges that the virus’ sudden spread poses to the well-being of their respective citizens, the President and Prime Minister outlined the steps being taken to ensure that their facilities do not become overburdened, highlighting the importance of precautionary measures such as physical distancing, and ensuring that there are beds and equipment in place for a potential exponential increase in patients.

Both acknowledged the impacts of international travel restrictions and necessary physical distancing measures on their country’s businesses and economies, especially in light of the importance of the tourism sector to both countries. Further, the two leaders emphasized on the need for strong bilateral and regional cooperation to meet this challenge.