Speaking at a press conference, the President of the “Commission on Investigation of Murder and Enforced Disappearances” Uz. Husnu Al Suood has stated that the commission’s work has officially commenced today. The press conference was held this afternoon at the President’s Office, following the presentation of the letter of appointment by the President. 

During the press conference, Uz. Husnu Al Suood reiterated the commitment of the commission to complete its work speedily, regardless of the 2-year deadline given. He emphasized that the commission’s mandate is closely related to the people.

Speaking in this regard, the President of the Commission highlighted that their work will be transparent and that the progress of their work will be updated to the public regularly. 

The President of the commission Uz. Suood also mentioned that the commission will seek foreign expertise, under the guidance of the President, stating that some countries have already volunteered their resources. 

The President of the commission further stated that work was underway to propose a bill to the parliament in order to strengthen the commission legally. 

Speaking further, Uz. Suood spoke on measures to be taken in order to prevent cases of murder and enforced disappearances in the future.
The President established the Commission on Investigation of Murder and Enforced Disappearances, in an effort to carry out the State’s responsibilities in ensuring justice for all, by conducting independent investigations for unresolved cases.