President appoints Managing Director at the Maldives Airports Company Ltd
14 September 2009
President Nasheed shares the government’s economic policy with the World Bank
13 September 2009
Government’s goal is to help every staff made redundant, says President Nasheed
11 September 2009
Additional details on the redundancy allowances for government employees will be given in the President’s radio address
10 September 2009
Vice President inaugurates Justice Society of Maldives
09 September 2009
President appoints four members to the Anti-Corruption Commission
09 September 2009
Ms Fareeha Shareef appointed as acting-CEO of Maldives Pension Administration Office
08 September 2009
Administration and management of youth centres to be open for private sector
08 September 2009
MNDF Fire Service to hire under contract regional fire services staff
08 September 2009
Cabinet decides redundancy allowances for government employees
08 September 2009