Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has said the Maldives became a member if ILO because the government was committed to advancing opportunities for citizens to obtain decent and productive work, in full human dignity. He made this statement while speaking at the inauguration function of the Tripartite Seminar on the 8 core Conventions of the ILO. The function was held this morning at Dharubaarugé.

Stating that the government had faced no pressure to become a member of ILO, Dr Waheed said Maldives was already experiencing the benefits of its ILO membership. He said by promoting international labour standards, the Maldives could attract more investors and become a safe haven for workers.

Noting that the biggest asset of any country would be its people, Vice President spoke on the importance of human resource development in the Maldives.

As today is the International Women's Day, Dr Waheed also extended Women's Day greetings to the people.

The two-day seminar that began today is organized by the International Labour Organisation in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Resources Youth and Sports.

The Maldives become the 183rd member state of the ILO following a letter by President Mohamed Nasheed, stating on behalf of the government, that the Maldives had formally accepted the obligations of the ILO Constitution. Maldives’ membership became effective on 15 May 2009.