President Nasheed has today inaugurated a workshop on decentralization, held at Felivaru of Faadhippolhu Atoll. The workshop was aimed at the Northern Province which includes N, R, B and Lh Atolls.

Addressing the participants of the workshop, the President said that establishment of Island Councils and Atoll Councils could only be done after legislation on decentralisation was passed by the People’s Majlis. Further, the President said that the work now undergoing in this regard, was the regionalisation of administrative services to seven regions and regionalising government administrative functions, except those of the Ministry of Defence and National Security and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Highlighting on the importance of decentralising the administration of atolls, the President said that it would allow each and every Maldivian to decide their leaders. He also said that he hoped that the elections of members for the island and atoll councils would be held before June.
The President also expressed his assurance that the participants of this workshop would actively contribute to achieve its objectives.