President Dr Mohamed Waheed has called on the Dhivehi Language Academy to organize special programmes at a national level, which would foster respect and love for Dhivehi language in our hearts, and boost the promotion and preservation of the language.

The President made this remark while speaking at the special function organized by the Dhivehi Language Academy under the theme “Whole nation for Dhivehi Language”, held this afternoon to mark this year’s International Mother Language day.

At the function held at the Republic Square, the President appealed to all government institutions to carry out all official communications in Dhivehi language, as stated by the law.

In his speech, President Waheed said that promoting and preserving the language was not the responsibility of one particular institution, but rather it should be considered a national duty. Highlighting the Dhivehi Language Academy’s work, the President noted that the community’s support and cooperation for the Academy would serve greatly towards the protection and advancement of our language.

The President underlined that the Dhivehi language acts as a vital instrument in the development and promotion of the country’s human resources. He said that neglecting the work that is necessary for the growth of the Dhivehi language would lead to it being buried.

Further, the President appealed to all parents, guardians and teachers to be heedful of protecting our language, and encouraging the proper use of the language. He expressed his concern over the misuse of the Dhivehi language among Maldivians, especially that among the youth.

At the function, 30 seconds were observed as a moment of standing up for our mother tongue.