President Dr Mohamed Waheed has this afternoon, returned to Male’ after concluding his visit to Egypt. The purpose of his visit to Egypt was to attend the 12th summit of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference.

On arrival at the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, the President met with the local media and briefed them on the highlights of the summit.

Speaking on the main issues raised at the summit, President said discussions were held on the importance of promoting cooperation among member states in protecting human rights of its people. He said that adopting democratic changes in the Islamic world was also discussed extensively.

He said other issues discussed during the summit included conflict in the Islamic world, notably the conflicts in Syria and Mali.

Speaking on his meetings with some Islamic leaders, the President said he informed the leaders of the investment opportunities in Maldives and exchanged ideas on extending cooperation in other developmental areas.

In addition to questions on his visit to Egypt, the President also took questions from journalists on the political situation of the country.