As part of his tour to some of the islands of North Huvadhu Atoll, President Dr Mohamed Waheed has today visited Dhaandhoo and met with the people of the island. Addressing the people of Dhaandhoo, President Waheed spoke on the recent decision by the government to terminate GMR airport contract. He described the issue as a matter close to the heart and said the contract was a bad contract singed under dubious conditions.

Noting that Maldivians had invested blood, sweat and tears on the Hulhule’ airport, President said the airport is the gateway to the country and has served as the key piece of infrastructure to the country’s tourism-based economy. He added that it was, therefore, not acceptable that such an important asset had been handed over to foreigners in a way that Maldivians have the least profit.

Moreover the President said that under the agreement, the Hulhule’ land area was leased for a very long term, which would consequently have a very negative impact on the country’s economy.