بســم اللّـه الرّحمـن الرّحيــم

In the name of Allah almighty, the most merciful and compassionate.

It is a special privilege for me to inaugurate these very beautiful residences today. I want to congratulate Mr Henry Ngo and his family and also your partner in Maldives my dearest brother Mr Mohamed Ali Janah for this wonderful investment and developing this beautiful property.

We are already seeing that your investment is bringing many benefits to the people of the Maldives. This is a beautiful atoll. As you know, this atoll known as Suvadiva in English, we call it Huvadhu Atoll, is the single largest coral atoll in the whole world. It is one of the most beautiful atolls in the world. And so you have many, very beautiful coral islands in this particular atoll.

It’s fairly large. That’s why we have distributed into two administrative areas; the Northern Atoll and the Southern Atoll. And with the development of this resort and the airport, I think you have helped to bring development to this particular atoll. So for that I think, in the name of the people of this atoll, of the Maldives, and the government I would like to thank you for this very important decision you have taken and the investments you have made.

I want to assure you that you will have continuing support of the government and encouragement that you need, to run a successful high-end property in this country. Tourism for us is the single most important sector now. And it brings the largest share of our national revenues. It’s a national interest and security and safety, to protect and preserve the tourism industry. So I will assure you that under our government, and I’m sure in the future also, your investments will be fully protected and supported.

I see that you have done a lot of work here. And in a fairly short period of time you’ve transformed this island in to something extremely beautiful and exclusive. And for that I congratulate you. I wish you the very best and I’m sure this will prosper. And I wish that you would continue to expand new investments in the Maldives. I hope that this is just the beginning.

The trust that you have placed in us, I hope will pay you back. Please feel welcome. If there’s anything that we could do to support you I assure you we will do that. And enjoy whenever you are here. This has now become your second home. I hope you have a great time in the Maldives and this brings lots of benefits to you. I’m confident that it’s going to be a mutually rewarding partnership.

Once again thank you very much, and thank you for all the things that you have done. All the wonderful things that are happening here we began with the opening of the airport. It’s a huge contribution for the development of the atoll. We just came from Vilingili which is the capital of this atoll, where our friend Janah has built a Resource Recovery and Waste Management Centre. That is also a very important contribution to components of your investment here for the people of Vilingili island.

So thank you Janah once again for taking this huge step, and for having gained the courage and the determination to make this project work.

Wish you all the best. Thank you.