President Mohamed Nasheed has participated in a special edition of BBC's World Debate, entitled the “Greatest Debate on Earth”.

The debate, which was hosted by BBC World's HARDtalk host Stephen Sackur, was recorded live in Copenhagen and shown at 1.15am Malé time Thursday night.

The Panellists included some of the leading players on the climate change issue. Apart from President Nasheed, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, Mexican President Felipe Calderón and South African Environment Minister participated in the debate.

In the debate, the President emphasised the importance of seizing the opportunity to come to an agreement to save the planet.

Stating that climate change was a global issue, the President said that if the world could not save the Maldives, the rest of the world could not be saved in the future.

The President added that in that sense, “we [the whole world] are all Maldivians”.

The debate was recorded at the New Concert Hall in Copenhagen and was attended by over a thousand people.