As part of his tour to Faadhippolhu atoll, President Mohamed Nasheed has today visited Kurendhoo.

Speaking at a meeting with the people of the island, the President highlighted government’s development projects and on the policies for the least advantaged people.

Noting the importance the government gave for education, the President said the main purpose of a school was to provide quality education. He therefore said a major portion of school’s budget should be for improving the quality of education it provides.

The President also spoke on the role of school boards in the management of schools.

President Nasheed acknowledged the important role played by the people of Kurendhoo to bring democratic changes to the Maldives.

He said that his vision had always been to govern the country through a competitive political process.

During his visit to Kurendhoo, the President laid the foundation stone of Kurendhoo Environment Education and Sports Association.