President Mohamed Nasheed has said no ruler in the Maldives can any longer govern the country under a façade republic.

Speaking at an official function held on the Republic Day, which also marks the first anniversary of his government after the first ever multi-party democratic elections, the President said: “The uncivilized culture of [façade republic] was [destroyed] by the people themselves.”

He said: “History shows that autocratic regimes fall and become democracies only when people advance the cause of meaningful change instead of material benefits.”

The President said Maldivians voted for regime change on 11 November 2008, because they longed for an ideology that made human dignity and honour as its centre.

“Maldivians [voted for change] because of their desire for dignity and honour; because they wanted to be free from anxiety and fear,” said the President.

The President promised to fulfill his duties as President and consolidate the values of good and benevolent governance in the society.

“There is no government in the history of the Maldives that had not persecuted a political prisoner in the first year of office except my government,” the President emphatically stated.

He said: “What we started a year ago was not merely aimed for today or tomorrow. We assumed the responsibility [of government] because we have the necessary thinking, wisdom and courage.

“We have a vision the benefits of which will be long lasting.”

He said the policies of his government were not merely aimed for the citizens currently living or merely for the MDP [Maldivian Democratic Party] or the DRP [Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party] or any other political party.

“My government’s policies will also benefit the future generations,” added the President.

“I have no doubt that [our] aspirations and justice will be realized.”

He praised the role of the Supreme Court during the past year and expressed his confidence that the People’s Majlis will evolve into a better democratic institution in the days to come.

“The political competition and democratic spirit we see today in the People’s Majlis was a living example of democracy consolidating in the Maldives.

“I therefore praise the hard work of the Honourable Members of the Majlis.”

He concluded saying that, “The transformation we desire is to prevent any person from ruling by a ‘crown of Kohinoor’, hiding behind the curtain of glory and majesty of power.”

“As Sultan Hassan Thajudeen had said, for worldly kingdom, I will not take a path that will lead to an impoverished end.”

Before delivering his address at the official Republic Day function, which was held at Dharubaaruge, the President also presented National Awards of Honour and National Awards of Recognition.