President Mohamed Nasheed has today presented National Awards of Honour and National Awards of Recognition. The awards were given at the official reception held on the occasion of the Republic Day.

Six individuals received Awards of Honour including,

- Mr Loajehi Ahmed Maniku for his contribution to national productivity in the area of small and medium enterprises

- Mr Ahmed Wajeeh for his contribution to boat building in the area of arts and crafts

- Mr Maina Ibrahim Rasheed for his contribution to sports

- Mr Chilhiya Moosa Maniku in the area of performing arts

Recipients of National Awards of Recognition are:

- Mr Ali Waheed in the area of creating religious awareness and religious education

- Mr Mohamed Gasim in the area of Dhivehi literature

- Ms Salma Fikry in the area of good governance

- Mr Ahmed Asif in the area of tourism

- Ms Gamiraa Adam in the area of agriculture

- Mr Abdul Rasheed Abdulla in the area of small and medium enterprises

- Mr Mohamed Saeed Moosa Wajudee in the area of journalism and information

- Mr Nizar Ibrahim in the area of sports

- Mr Ismail Shujau in the area of visual arts (writing, painting, and designing)

- Ms Fathimath Nahula in the area of visual arts (film production and direction)

- Dhivehi Rajjeyge Gulhun Pvt Ltd in the area of communications

- Clique College in the area of education

- Diabetes Society of Maldives in the area of health care

In his speech after the awards, President Nasheed congratulated the recipients of the awards.
Mr Ahmed Wajeeh, who received an Award of Recognition, spoke on behalf of the recipients of the awards.