Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has returned to Malé this morning after concluding his official visit to Barcelona to attend the final round of negotiations before the UN Climate Conference to be held in Copenhagen in December.

Briefing the press on his visit to Barcelona, the Vice President spoke on the nature of negotiations that were held.

He said, despite the negotiations and discussions that were being held prior to Copenhagen, hopes of reaching a new global agreement on climate at Copenhagen were fading.

During his visit to Barcelona, Dr Waheed participated in the “Greenland Dialogue” – an informal grouping of leading countries in the climate debate who are committed to bring about a substantial outcome at Copenhagen.

He also participated in the Barcelona round of UNFCCC climate talks held from 1 – 5 November.
In addition, during his visit, the Vice President met with the Chair and Coordinators from the Group of 77 and China.

The Vice President participated in the climate talks in Spain on the invitation of the Danish Government, who along with the UN is supporting his stay in Barcelona.