Speaking at the function held this evening to mark the anniversary of the country’s adherence to Islam, President Dr Mohamed Waheed has said that Islam is a religion of progress, civilisation, innovation and creativity.

Stating that Islam is a religion for all ages, President Waheed noted the great contributions Islam has made to scientific and technological advancement. He added that the Maldivian people should give thanks and praise to the Almighty Allah for blessing the country with the eternal light of Islam

President Waheed also said that on this occasion, it was the duty of all citizens to reflect on the status of the country. President said the peace and harmony has disintegrated, while at the same time the country’s Islamic fabric has tattered over the years.

Speaking on the changes that have occurred in the country, President said this change was not pre-planned by anyone. He said the demonstrations by a number of unhappy citizens against the previous government were not a conspiracy to overthrow the government. Moreover, he added that Maldivian people are peace loving, steadfast in their Islamic faith and of good moral conduct.

Further, the President said, “the Maldives was for all Maldivians”, and that all Maldivians love their country. He said, therefore, it was the religious and national duty of all citizens to strive to protect the peace and security of the country as well as work for the future.

President Waheed also spoke on judicial reform. He said he was working strengthen the three branches of the state as well as bring people’s confidence and trust to the Judiciary.

The President further said that unrest, violence and destruction to state and public property should not be encouraged every time there is a political disagreement. He further assured that he would not allow the incitement of such crimes.