Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has today met with Minister of Culture of China, Mr Cai Vu. The meeting was held at the President’s Office this morning.

Discussions, at the meeting, were focused on further strengthening the centuries old cultural ties that exist between the Maldives and China.

Speaking at the meeting, Dr Waheed said the artifacts that were found in different areas of the Maldives demonstrate the Maldives’ relationship with China.

Therefore, the Vice President said it was very appropriate that the government of China was building the first national museum in the Maldives, and added that Maldives would also require Chinese expertise in managing the museum. The Vice President said the government wished to dedicate a section of the museum for Chinese artifacts found in the Maldives.

At the meeting, the Vice President briefed the Chinese Minister of Culture on the government’s efforts to preserve the culture and promote cultural tourism in the Maldives.

At the meeting, Mr Cai Vu assured the Vice President that the Chinese Culture Ministry would work closely with its Maldivian counterpart in preserving the cultural heritage. He noted that the Maldives and China faced common issues and common barriers in preserving cultural heritage and promoting cultural tourism.

Chinese Minister of Culture Mr Cai Vu is visiting the Maldives on an invitation from the Maldives Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Dr Ahmed Ali Sawad.