President Mohamed Nasheed has announced that starting next January, the government has ensured a new national health insurance programme, which will cover the costs of healthcare for the whole populace of the country on a sustainable basis. The President made this announcement at the launching ceremony of “Aa Sandha”, the universal health insurance programme of the government, under which, healthcare costs up to 100,000 rufiyaa will be covered by the government, per capita per year.

At the ceremony held this evening at the Artificial Beach, the President noted that providing affordable healthcare was one of the key pledges in the MDP manifesto, and said that the first step to establish a sustainable health insurance programme was to reform the country's financial system.

Speaking in this regard, President Nasheed said that the execution of the government's economic agenda had already begun, in order to provide social security to the people, through minimising the state's expenses and introducing Good and Services Tax, Income Tax, and Corporate Tax to be major contributors to the state income.

In his speech, the President stressed that "Aa Sandha" will not only bring to the people affordable healthcare, but also create a positive competitive environment among the service providers, which will bringing to the people good quality service.