Setting up an effective social justice system will ensure protection of orphaned children and promote a responsible nationality, said President Mohamed Nasheed speaking at the inauguration of a photo exhibition “Me Through My Lens” which was held to showcase the talents of the children at Kuda Kudhinge Hiya. 

The photo exhibition was held by an individual organization ‘Voices’ and the pictures exhibit the everyday lives of the children.
In his speech, President Nasheed said society and individuals are built on their childhood experiences, and giving love and caring for children at an early age is significant to development of the individual. The President further reaffirmed the government’s policy to provide targeted assistance to ensure the protection of children’s rights for future generations.
The President further noted that an effective Social Justice system contributes to fair growth, social stability and an even playing field between rich, middle class, poor; and that it is humane to  show compassion for those such as orphans and neglected children who are routinely marginalized by the society.
President Nasheed highlighted his administration’s policy to address issues related to children and said Maldivian Rufiyaa 2000 is provided as assistance to child care centers as well.