President Mohamed Nasheed has said that the main reason for Maldivian youth being excluded from society is unemployment and lack of skills.

Speaking to the participants of Skills Training Programme “Hunaru” in Hoarafushi of Haa Alifu, the President today noted that the purpose of the programme was to facilitate as many youth with job opportunities, and create skilled Maldivians for jobs currently being held by expatriate workers.

President Nasheed advised the participants to be vigilant and regular in attending the training sessions, and especially welcomed the participation of female participants in “Hunaru” programme.

As part of his current tour of Thiladhunmathi Atoll, President Nasheed inaugurated a functionary Unit of the National Office, Upper North Region, in Hoarafushi. Speaking at the ceremony, the President highlighted on the works carried out by the National Offices, noting that the main objective of a National Office should be to assist the government and island councils in the execution of the government’s policies.

Presidents Nasheed also met with the Island Council of Horafushi yesterday evening. At the meeting, the President briefed the council on the different developmental programmes planned for Hoarafushi.