President Mohamed Nasheed, has departed for Seychelles on an official trip this morning.

The President will meet with the President and the Vice President of Seychelles and other Government officials, during this trip. The President will also attend the opening ceremony of the Indian Ocean Island Games.

Speaking before his departure, the President noted that the Maldivian team participating in this year’s Indian Ocean Island Games was a very competent one. President Nasheed also revealed the government’s efforts to hold the Indian Ocean Island Games in the Maldives, and that the bidding process will go on during this trip. Further, he said that the Indian Ocean Island Games will help to further promote the Maldivian tourism.

The President highlighted on the rapid economic changes being brought about in the Seychelles, similar to those changes of the Maldivian economy undertaken by the government. Additionally, the President revealed plans to hold discussions to establish a tourism link between the two countries, and ways to increase profit in the trade sector of both the countries.