President Mohamed Nasheed has handed over guarantee documents to 10 individuals for the acquisition of allocated lands in Hulhumale’, under the “Veshi Fahi Malé” Programme. The President handed over the relevant documents at the opening ceremony of the “Veshi Fahi Malé” Programme Office held this afternoon.

The 10 individuals to whom the President handed over the documents are among the applicants of “Veshi Fahi Malé” Programme, who agreed to give up their personally owned small-sized lands to the government, in exchange for compensation.

Speaking at the ceremony, the President assured that the government will find some way to recompense the applicants under the Phase-1 of the “Veshi Fahi Malé” Programme. He also noted that when the construction of the housing flats begins, it will be completed within a year.

“Veshi Fahi Malé”, programme for the development of greater Malé area, was initiated by the government to decongest Malé and provide a healthy and affordable living space for the people in Malé. The programme launched on 10 November 2010 aims to combine the development of Malé, Vilingili, Gulhi Falhu, Thilafushi, Hulhumalé and Malé International Airport.