President Mohamed Nasheed has today reiterated the government’s commitment to carry out the development projects undertaken by the government. He made this statement while speaking at a press conference held today at Muleeaage’ prior to his departure to New York.

The President said the government aimed to provide electricity to the people, especially during the month of Ramadan. Speaking in this regard, the President said since the utilities companies took charge of this work, the government believed, it has progressed.

He also said three overseas companies had submitted proposals to provide electricity services and that the government was currently in discussions with the three companies.

Speaking on the housing projects, the President said five parties had sent their proposals to build housing units. He added that the five companies had proposed to build a total of 4000 housing units. Further, he said that the government hoped to close contract with the five parties within the next month.

During the press conference, the President also highlighted the work of the National Social Protection Agency (NSPA). He said NSPA was mandated to carry out a very important pledge of the government.

In this regard, he said, the government believed that health services would be made affordable and easier to the people under the Madhana programme. He also said the work of subsidising electricity, to those people who cannot afford to pay electricity bills, would also begin next month.

At the press conference, the President took questions from the media.