President Mohamed Nasheed has visited Lhaviyani Atoll Hinnavaru and met Hinnavaru Island Council today.

During the meeting with the island council, the President and Hinnavaru discussed improving the quality and effectiveness of public health services since providing public health services were now included in the mandate of the island councils.

The government decentralized public health services in March this year and the public health functions previous under the Ministry of Health and Family were mandated to island councils.

In addition, the President and the Island Council exchanged views on ways of maximising the commercial benefit of the newly reclaimed land in Hinnavaru.

In 2010, the government reclaimed 28 hectares of land in Hinnavaru, and in March this year, completed building the revetment that surrounds the newly reclaimed land

The President, noting that Hinnavaru harbour was included in the government’s programme to develop commercial harbours in the atolls, revealed that, as part of the programme, the government would build a breakwater to protect harbour in 2012.

During the visit to Hinnavaru, the President visited the island’s health centre, school, power house, youth centre.

He also viewed a photo exhibition by the Maldives National Defence Force to commemorate the anniversary of armed forces in the Maldives.

Before departure, the President planted a tree in the newly reclaimed land area in Hinnavaru.

The President has now arrived in Naifaru after concluding his visit to Hinnavaru.