National Crime Prevention Committee convened by President Mohamed Nasheed to oversee prevention of assault using lethal weapons, battery, murder, gang related violence and other organised crime at the national level has met with Civil Service Commission today.

National Security Advisor and Chairperson of the National Crime Prevention Committee Ameen Faisal, in his opening remarks at the meeting held at the President´s Office this afternoon, underlined the necessary steps to strengthen penitentiaries and prisons.

He said that a proper code of conduct of prison guards and penitentiary officers to enhance security of prisons.

Members of Civil Service Commission assured the Committee of their cooperation in the government´s efforts to reduce and prevent serious and violent crimes in the country.

They also shared the Committee´s position regarding formulation and implementation of stricter code of conduct for prison workers.

In addition, the Civil Service Commissioners proposed to form a disciplinary committee to oversee the implementation the code of conduct.

National Crime Prevention Committee is scheduled to meet the members of the People´s Majlis tomorrow.