The Cabinet has today decided to handover the land allocated for projects to be carried out in Malé, as part of the “Veshi Fahi Malé” programme to Malé City Council.

Discussing the functions of Malé City Council, the Cabinet further decided to transfer lands that were not allocated to any agency to Malé City Council.

Veshi Fahi Malé”, programme for the development of greater Malé area, is initiated by the government to decongest Malé and provide a healthy and affordable living space for the people in Malé. The programme launched on 10 November 2010 aims to combine the development of Malé, Vilingili, Guli Falhu, Thilafushi, Hulhumalé and Malé International Airport.

At today’s meeting, the Cabinet also decided to implement the projects planned under “Veshi Fahi Malé” programme through Malé City Council.