Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has said that there was no other institution that can play a bigger role in controlling drug trafficking into the country than the Customs Service. He made this statement while speaking at the function held last night at Dharubaarugé to mark the 119th anniversary of Maldives Customs Service.

Speaking in this regard, Dr Waheed called on all Customs officers to continue to carry out this important task. He further assured that the government would provide its support and cooperation in this endeavour.

Highlighting that the drugs menace was the biggest problem that the country faced today, Dr Waheed said some recent surveys predict that within the next 2 or 3 years, 2/3 of students in grades

8 – 10 will use some form of illicit drug. He also said some children as young as 9 years old have been found to be addicted to drugs.

Dr Waheed said that inspection of the vast open areas surrounding the country would not be an easy task. He further said that he, therefore, understood the difficulties faced by Customs officers to control the checkpoints and expressed his appreciation for their diligent work.
At last night’s function, Dr Waheed presented commemorative plaques and commemorative certificates to exemplary employees.

Minister of State Principal Collector of Customs, Mohamed Aswan presented the Golden Badge of Customs to employees in recognition of their services in Customs Service for 20 years. He also presented commemorative plaques and certificates for employees for achieving distinctions for the Customs.