Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has thanked all the Sri Lankans who are employed in the Maldives for their productive contribution to the Maldivian economy. He thanked the people of Sri Lanka, speaking at a special function held by the High Commission of Sri Lanka in the Maldives and Sri Lankan community in the Maldives to salute the heroes of Sri Lankan civil war.

President Mohamed Nasheed and First Lady Madam Laila Ali also participated in this afternoon’s function held at Dharubaaruge.

Vice President Dr Waheed said that people of Sri Lanka and economy have suffered for long time as a result of the war. Rejoicing the fact the war in Sri Lanka had finally come to an end, he congratulated the President of Sri Lanka Mahida Rajapaksa, the government of Sri Lanka, the Armed Forces and the people of Sri Lanka for this very important success.

Furthermore, Dr Waheed said that, end of the protracted civil war in Sri Lanka had set the stage for peace building and healing the country. He declared his confidence that the government, civil society and the people of Sri Lanka had embarked on the very difficult journey to achieve permanent peace and development.

At today’s function President Nasheed presented a token of appreciation to Colonel Ampemohotti, group leader of the Disabled Soldiers Musical Troupe of the Army Force. President Nasheed, First Lady Madam Laila Ali and Vice President Dr Waheed also attended the musical presentation by the Musical Troupe after the function.