President Mohamed Nasheed has said the government will always take measures required for achieving an independent judiciary as stipulated in by the Constitution. He said the government however would not interfere with the Judiciary.

The President made these statements in his radio address to the nation which was broadcast on the Voice of Maldives 7.15 this morning.

President Nasheed said investigation must be conducted against any judge who evidently flouts legal standards. He added the good governance the country was trying to bring had no room for corruption.

In today’s radio address, the President highlighted the issue of Chief Judge of Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed’s obstruction of a police investigation related to the 2008 audit report on the Bank of Maldives.

Stressing the importance of having an independent and impartial judiciary, the President said he believed the Police had no responsibility to investigate Judges on violations of ethical standards.

He said the Judicial Service Commission had the constitutional responsibility to investigate complaints about the Judiciary and to take disciplinary action against the Judges.
Speaking in this regard, the President stated that the government has now lodged a complaint in the Judicial Service Commission to investigate Chief Judge of the Criminal Court, Uz Abdulla Mohamed.

In his radio address, the President also spoke on the incidents of Wednesday’s Majlis sitting.
He said he shared the concerns of the people over the incidents of Wednesday and said threat of violence was unacceptable under any circumstance, including outside the People’s Majlis.

In his radio address, the President also said that the government has decided to make Kulliyyathul Dhiraasaathil Islaamiyyaa as part of the national university. In the meantime, work is underway to make Kulliyyaa a faculty under the Maldives College of Higher Education until the national university is established.

The President concluded his radio address by saying that the government was trying to make food and commodities available at reasonable prices for the month of Ramadan. He added that the government would also try to ease difficulties faced by businessmen.