The cabinet has today decided to make sub-leasing of land from islands leased for resort operation, agriculture and other industrial work, possible. The cabinet made this decision at today’s cabinet meeting after deliberating on the matter.

This arrangement would, inter alia, enable sub-leasing of bungalows and villas in resorts or plots of land from agricultural and other industrial islands.

At today’s cabinet meeting, members also discussed on enhancing and pooling government’s aid and loan mobilization efforts.

Underscoring the difficulties faced in coordinating the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finance and Treasury in these areas, the cabinet discussed on strengthening the related functions of these Ministries.

It was decided that Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed would oversee the government efforts in seeking foreign aid and loans.

The members of the cabinet also discussed opening up the skipjack tuna industry for more investments. A ministerial sub-committee was appointed to review and investigate the possibility of investments in the industry.

The members of the committee are Minister of Finance and Treasury, Ali Hashim; Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture, Dr Ibrahim Didi; Minster of Economic Development, Mr Mohamed Rasheed; Attorney General, Uz Husnu Suood; Minister of Civil Aviation and Communication, Mr Mahmood Razi; and, Minister of Home Affairs,
Mr Mohamed Shihab.