Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has, yesterday, met with US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Speaking at the meeting, Secretary Clinton said that the United States would extend its assistance to the Maldives to in its efforts to consolidate and strengthen democracy.

Vice President Dr Waheed said that the US and the Maldives had developed excellent bilateral relations and expressed his confidence that these relations would continue to grow over the years. He also thanked the US Government for the assistance and support given to the Maldives in developmental efforts.

Dr Waheed also briefed Secretary Clinton on issues of concern to the Maldives such as consolidation of democracy, the effects of climate change in the Maldives and the country’s plan to go carbon neutral.

Mrs Clinton congratulated the Maldives on its plan to go carbon neutral. She also said that the United States would assist the Maldives in the area of counternarcotics.

Separately, Vice President Dr Waheed also met with US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian and Central Asian Affairs, Mr Robert Blake. He was previously the US Ambassador to the Maldives. The Vice President congratulated Mr Blake on his appointment to the new post.