Vice President Hussain Mohamed Latheef has asserted that maintaining global trust in the Maldives' peace and unity should be an unwavering national commitment. He noted that this harmony would result in a progressive economy and accelerated development, thereby expediting prosperity. He made this statement while delivering the opening remarks at the National High-Level Conference on Peace and Security at CROSSROADS Maldives.

In his speech, the Vice President attributed the progress and harmony of Maldivian society to the peace-loving nature of its people. He further noted that the Maldives, renowned as a heaven on earth, owes its reputation to the preservation of its natural beauty and the values of benevolence, compassion, patience, and unity upheld by its people.

The Vice President underscored the conference's mission, recognising its role in fostering cooperation among State institutions to envision and advance peace, societal unity, and resilience. He emphasised the importance of synergistic efforts towards upholding safety and security, stating that the conference aims to set future safety goals and establish corresponding measures.

Highlighting the importance of education, the Vice President stressed the need to inspire students to broaden their perspectives. He advocated for activities that promote authentic Islamic knowledge and awareness among individuals from all walks of life.

Concluding his remarks, the Vice President expressed confidence in achieving the goal of nurturing young minds to embrace Islamic norms, demonstrate patience and tolerance, exhibit patriotism, and foster unity. He urged everyone to work towards realising this objective.