President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has expressed his commitment to fulfilling the people's aspirations in a timely and efficient manner without wasting even a day or causing delays. He made the remarks while speaking with residents of F. Feeali Island this afternoon.

In his address at Feeali Island, the President articulated his belief that the citizens share his anticipation for the swift and dynamic progress he envisions. He then shared his commitment to work towards achieving this goal.

President Dr Muizzu underscored the significance he places on engaging directly with citizens and actively seeking their perspectives to inform decisions on matters directly impacting them. The President shared his belief that engaging directly with the people helps accelerate the implementation process. He then revealed that several issues highlighted during his ongoing island visits had been immediately addressed through this approach.

Speaking further, the President highlighted that the Feeali Island community raised several concerns and that he will address these issues in a timely fashion. He then reaffirmed his commitment to fulfilling his pledges.

Feeali Island is the last destination in the President's ongoing visit to islands in the North Nilandhe Atoll.