President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has announced a reclamation project encompassing 30 hectares of land on L. Maavah Island today. He made the remarks while addressing the residential community of Maavah Island. This is the first destination on his visit to some islands in Laamu Atoll.

The President shared that the initial plans for the land reclamation on the island were for only 15 hectares but that 30 hectares of land would be reclaimed in total by the end of the project. In addition, he highlighted the initiation of coastal protection measures to address the high tides on Maavah Island.

In his remarks, the President affirmed that the current Administration would revive some previously stalled initiatives throughout the country. He further mentioned that several significant projects with expenditures exceeding MVR 50 million will be initiated in the coming months, some of which will begin in July.

President Dr Muizzu reassured the residents that the island’s development and road construction would be carried out per their wishes and that resort development in the lagoon near Maavah would commence promptly.