President Dr Mohamed Muizzu, the Commander-in-Chief of the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF), launched the MNDF’s Air Corps and introduced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) into the service of the Defence Force.

Establishing the nation's first-ever Air Force and deploying UAVs in that force represents a powerful and important step in preserving the nation's independence and sovereignty. The service will significantly contribute to maintaining the security and safety of the nation's maritime territories and deterring illicit activities.

On this occasion, the President introduced the UAV and signed the decree to start MNDF's air surveillance in the Maldives. He was then given a seven-gun salute in honour of providing UAV and 'air surveillance' capabilities to the MNDF.

During the ceremony, the President also launched "Ras'ain," a mobile application for fishermen and travellers. This app tracks weather alerts and important messages from the Coast Guard. Fishermen can additionally use the app to locate schools of fish and utilise the app for other vital functions.