President Dr Mohamed Muizzu met with the members of the GDh. Madaveli Island Council and the Women's Development Committee (WDC). The meeting was held at the Secretariat of the Madaveli Island Council today.

During the meeting, the Council highlighted several key issues essential for the economic and social progress of Madaveli Island. These include land reclamation, new housing units, expanding the port, improving the Health Centre, expanding the school’s space by building a multipurpose hall, installing an ATM, improving the mechanism of water sanitation and overflow systems, and supporting youth development.

President Dr Muizzu assured the Administration’s commitment to carefully examine all issues raised by the Council, including improving the port, installing an ATM, constructing a multipurpose hall for the school, and addressing other concerns brought up by the Council. The Ministers who accompanied the President briefed the council members about the latest updates on the development projects in the island.